Christa McCartney 


From the beginning

Rocking cradles, soft lullabies and bouncing lap games. As parents we know very well that rhythm and singing interests our babies. Now scientific research proves what we instinctively feel -   studies into the infant brain and language acquisition clearly show that babies between 1 and 3 days old process their mother's voices as music and that before the age of five the neural processes, are very musically geared towards working out language. Pitch and rhythm are the basis of the musical and spoken language. Babies and toddlers are 'wired' to acquire musicality. They just need exposure and re-enforcement. 

Musicality can be said to begin 9 months before the birth of the mother - a musical mother brings quality music into the house. 

I offer a dedicated musical environment in which you and your child/grandchild will get the exposure to the elements needed - and I give the attention and care necessary to develop musicality within parents in order to enable the learning to continue inside the home.

All this through the subconscious learning whilst playing games, using dandling rhymes, tactile tools, singing and listening to short live performances.

I believe all children are precious gifts with the curiosity and capability of learning about the world that surrounds them. It is our responsibility to surround them with a musically nurturing environment.