Christa McCartney 


As parents we know very well that rhythm and singing interests our toddlers and we know that music is a skill we wish to encourage but knowing quite how to tap into - and expand- that interest can be difficult. Science is becoming increasingly aware that there is more to this interest than simple enjoyment -recent studies into the infant brain and language acquisition clearly show that before the age of five the neural processes are very much concerned with working out the rhythms, pitch and sounds of language. Babies and toddlers therefore are seeking to learn the musical language they hear as much as the spoken one- they are 'wired' to acquire musicality. To pick up this language however they need exposure and re-enforcement. At the Kodály Music School, your pre-school child will be exposed to all elements of musicality at that vital stage, they will participate in developmentally age-appropriate activities where they will become confident in:

  • pulse
  • rhythm
  • singing in tune
  • reading simple melodies
  • reading simple rhythms
  • listening attentively
  • moving to music
  • improvising simple tunes
  • singing/playing instruments together
  • hearing polyphonically (more than one sound at a time)

I use songs from the English and Manx tradition to ensure that parents and grandparents have a broad repertoire of songs and rhymes to use at home. 

I play to them on the harp, recorder and piano, we also listen and dance to recorded music of excellent quality from all classical genres.

Every child in the school is able to read basic rhythmic music with understanding before starting school.  Also they are able to notate and read for themselves some of the simple songs we learn as a group.

At all times parents/carers are present with the child, learning the songs and games in order to play them at home. Parents give support to the children when there is singing in canon or when rhythm is layered. We believe all children are precious gifts with the curiosity and capability of learning about the world that surrounds them.